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How Heavy is Your Luggage?

S;potted this cute item on Facebook the other day and thought I'd share with you all.  Thanksgiving maybe over....but the sentiment follows us right through the New Year when everyone breaks their resolutions about dieting, lol.

Did you travel for Thanksgiving?  It's the busiest travel time of the year.  We don't as 90+% of the family is here; which means others travel here.

 Do you carry on if you fly?  Do you find it hard to pack light enough you can lift the suitcase easily over your head to overhead compartments?  Will you be traveling for Christmas and or New Years?  Do yourself and the rest of your fellow travelers a favor.  Weigh your suitcase.  Seriously weigh it empty folks you'll be amazed how heavy it is.  These are 2 brand new light weight suitcases that can probably save you about 10 pounds!
10 pounds is huge when you're packing, whether it be for your carry on, or your checked luggage.  These are both Delsey, though from 2 different sets; just happen…

The Carnary Islands

Say hi to my quest blogger, Nikolai Rudenko, a freelancer in advertising and marketing who enjoys travel and photography and sharing experiences with friends  Please enjoy his travel post on The Canary Islands, with information about Lanzarote and Tenerife.   It sure makes me want to pack my bags and head out for some adventure.  Look at those views!

The Canary Islands: Top Outdoor Excursions
If you’re looking for a summer break that involves more than just lazing on a perfectly formed beach, the Canary Islands would be the perfect choice for package holidays in the sun. While they’re certainly inundated with fabulous beaches, they also have plenty of outdoor excursions on offer which will bring you closer to the vast and breathtaking landscapes of these volcanic isles. Whichever Canary Island you choose to base your holiday on, there’ll be an outdoors adventure for you.

Lanzarote: Timanfaya National Park
Located on the southwest coast of the island, the Timanfaya National Park is a s…


Say hi to my quest blogger, Nikolai Rudenko, a freelancer in advertising and marketing who enjoys travel and photography and sharing experiences with friends  Please enjoy his travel post on Cyprus, it sure makes me want to pack my bags and head out for some adventure.

Captivating Cyprus

There's so much to love about Cyprus. For starters, it's the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the legendary goddess of love, and it's clear that she left her mark here. This captivating island is a beautiful place that's home to glorious seascapes, gorgeous golden sands stunning mountains, so as destinations go, Cyprus holidays are pretty close to perfect.

Anchored in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus offers a wonderful climate that regularly peaks in the early 30s during the summer season, and hovers around 20-25 during spring and autumn. Even during the winter months, temperatures on this lovely sunny island make t-shirts and shorts a possibility while the rest of Britain is shivering …

Scotts Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba

Meet Scott and Leslie.  Scott and Leslie formerly of Wisconsin here in the United States now make their home in Aruba, One Happy Island.  After vacationing in Aruba for a good number of years, they got married on the beach, and the rest if history.  Scott and Leslie serve up an awesome breakfast, and lunch right on the beach in Aruba on Palm Beach.
They're located at the Playa Linda Resort, a very popular spot on the beach.

You can have a quick bite without breaking the bank.  The food is good, the service is fantastic, the  people are friendly, and the prices are reasonable.
You can walk right up and order and take it with you, to the beach, or the pool area.
You can eat while you're walking on the beach.

For breakfast and or brunch, you can enjoy the Bloody Mary Bar

I highly recommend Scotts Brats and Leslie Bunz (take another look at the pictures), for breakfast and or lunch.  We would have eaten here more then twice, but only found it on our last 2 days...this trip.  We w…

Braves All Star Grill in The Atlanta Airport

When you get up around 3 am to catch an early morning flight, having a Bloody Mary with your breakfast seems totally in this time we'd been up about 5 hours already.  Braves All Star Grill in the Atlanta airport is a must.  Good food, good Bloody Mary's and a really fun atmosphere.  Everyone was upbeat and fun........and they were far more awake then we were.  Hubby and I both had an omelet, toast, and fried potatoes with our coffee and Bloody Mary's.  Somehow a Bloody Mary for breakfast always signifies the beginning of vacation from our perspective.
 Braves All Star Grill is located in concourse D.  If you're tight on time, not to worry Carolyn and the other wait staff will get you in quickly.  Things were hoping with people coming and going.  We had some time to kill before our next flight so we got to relax and enjoyed the friendliness and efficiency afforded to all.
This was our wonderful, fun, and super waitress...Carolyn.  Please look her up sh…

Sunrise on Board Air Tran

It's time for Travel Tip Thursday.  When you take an early morning flight...don't go sleep as soon as you get on the plane.  If you'll miss this.
 Don't pack your camera where you can't get to it.  I keep my small point and shoot nothing fancy camera in my purse, in my purse under the seat so I knab it quickly.
Not pictures you could put in a contest, but was happy not much of a reflection.  Held the camera close to the window, took the first picture with the flash, the other 2 without the flash.    This sunrise was taken out the window of my Air Tran flight heading from Columbus to Atlanta on my way to Aruba.  Do pop back in for photo's and information about Aruba, one of my favorite places to travel.

Pop in Often, remember Menu Mondays for dining tips, Traveling Tips on Thursday, and any day for vacation destinations.

Stewart's Root Beer, Marion Ohio

Stewart's RootBeer Stand in Marion, a step back in time.  Stewarts is located at 1036 North Main Street in Marion, Ohio  43302.  1-740-382-6807.  There are open seasonally.
 Frank Stewart was a school teacher who needed to supplement his income and started making Stewart's Rootbeer back in 1924.  He blended 20 varieties of roots, herbs, and berries to come with the famous and delicious Stewart's Rootbeer.  His first location was in Mansfield, Ohio.
 It is now a franchise with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and many places on the East Coast.  It truly is a step back in time when you ordered from your car and your meal was delivered by a car hop on roller skates.  Though the roller skates are missing, this location in Marion does still deliver to your car and hooks the tray right on your rolled down car window.
 Some locations are open all year and have grown into a sit down style restaurant, but I'm happy to say this Marion location hasn't!  It's so…

St. Mary's Cemetery in Marion, Ohio

Look at this beautiful sculpture of Jesus on the Cross.  It's taken in St. Mary's Cemetery in Marion, Ohio.  When I was a child we lived in Marion and would cut through this beautiful cemetery to get to The Park and to Harding's Memorial.  I don't think as a child I paid much attention to the beauty there.  Now, I enjoy traveling to cemeteries and find them interesting both for the artistic older stones, the history you can learn while there.  Sometimes the names you see will match those you see on street signs, sometimes other things jump out at me.

 Look at the dates here, born in 1844, Domenico Sansotta.  This jumped out at me for two reasons, the date and the name reminded me of what I thought I heard a woman I work with say was her maiden name.
 This jumped out, as it was nearby and is the same name, but look carefully...this is a Bronze Star Medal World War II Veteran.  I always love to honor our Veterans.  And certainly with the name of Dominic and the above Do…

One Room School House, Linn School

The plague gives the dates of this one room school house, built in 1897, in operation until 1942, and restored in 2003.  Reading various articles I found a bit of conflicting information regarding this one room school house.  In some articles it says the building was restored to it's 1905 status, and others said 1912 status.  Not a big difference, though I don't know which is correct.
 Above the door you can see (click to make any and all pictures larger) Marion Twp. Sub District #8).  Funny name for a school.  Apparently though #8 was the "official" name of the school kids who attended called it The Linn School.  There were many from the Linn family who attended the school, Linn's lived right across the street, and down the road.

 There were approximately 130 such one room school houses in Marion County back in the day to serve the rural population.  The school house in located about 4 miles north of Marion on Route #4, in Ohio.  The school was built of brick,…

Cafe Terigo, Park City, Utah

Cafe Terigo, 424 Main Street, Park City Utah.  This restaurant is always our choice for our last night vacation dinner out in Park City.  Hubby, Darling Daughter and I all love it here.  The service is superb, the atmosphere is wonderful, and food is something we look forward to each and every year we vacation here.  In fact, we've even had the same waitress several years in a row.  Having the same waitresses work at an establishment year after year speaks very well, in my opinion, of the restaurant.
We've always chosen to eat outside on the patio that is nicely decorated and lite with white Christmas style lights.  We've been there 3 years in a row in July and while it might be in the high 80's during the day, it's quite comfortable having dinner outside in the evening.
 Darling Daughter had this beautiful dish.  Almond crusted Salmon and she said it was divine.  Beautiful presentation too!
 Ravioli's with a light lemon sauce and fresh veggies.......perfect f…

Nicola Columbus Ohio

Nicola's located agt 4740 Reed Road, Columbus, Ohio  43220.  Sorry for sorta self portrait here, with the sun we got a reflection, but you can see the hours this way.

 This is a very nice small, family owned Italian Restaurant in NW Columbus, Upper Arlington area.  My SIL and I had a nice lunch and really enjoyed the outdoor patio.  As you can see it's quite pretty, landscape nice and even though it's right off the parking lot, there is a wall and nice separation.

 The bar area looks most inviting and through the door you can see the private room where yo can have a private gathering.
 Moving up you see the bar area and get a glimpse at the nice wine selection.
 White table cloths, covered charis in the main dining room.  Quite pretty, well appointed and the tables aren't teeny tiny on top of each other.
 We enjoyed our wine and lunch salads and breads.  Giving you a glimpse of the enclosure and landscaping.  Say hi to my SIL, Jan.  She was working on final details …