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Happy New Year and What will be the future of Traveling Suitcase?

First let me say belated Merry Christmas to all who's blog I never made it to in order to wish you the best; and Happy New Year to all. I hope you've all been able to spend quality time with loved ones celebrating whatever holiday is your special one. I hope you've all been safe in your travels.

The Traveling Suitcase hasn't been updated in sometime. The longest time, actually since it began. Life has been busy, work has been busy, work on my other blogs has been busier than normal; and I've been hustling trying to knit and crochet as much as possible for the homeless (through my Bridge and Beyond Blog)

I'm very inactive these days with regard to EC and am unsure whether or not I'll be deleting my membership there. Apoligies for not returning drops with the same zeal as I have in the past. It seems when I've looked in, many are not active. I'm not sure there's much point with all the changes, they surely have diluted the orginal intent and …

Not a typical day at The Beach, Manzanillo Mexico

Once again the order I wanted on the blog seems to be an issue. Apologies that they aren't in the nicest order. Two friends here, one still wearing a party hat. Not a typical day at the beach. Not for me anyway. A normal day at the beach might be a packed lunch/packed cooler and a couple of beach towels and or beach chairs. This is doing it up in style folks. One might ask who's crocked here, those in the photo's (see drinks in hands), or the photographer. lol
Our table area in the shade of a Palapa, table cloth, and real dishes in the foreground with the bar area further back. The staff prepares the area then transported us there for a wonderful day at the beach with fabulous food and drink.
Real silverware, cloth napkins; so much nicer than paper and plastic. And when you see the food they prepared for us....truly the real stuff is needed.
Villa Paraiso has access to this private beach. The day we were there, we were the only ones. The town of Manzanillo is off …

Villa Paraiso, Manzanillo, Mexico

Welcome to Mexico. Sorry these pictures are out of order. I've loaded them twice, seem to be having some tech issues. Ernie and I here, relaxing after lunch on Day 1. Look at the food, tons of wonderful food. Yes, we are in our bathing suits. We lived in them for a week. Note to self, pack more suits and fewer clothes in the future. One can get very relaxed after several good margarita's.
A close up of some of the food for our typical lunch. Chips, Margarita's, Tortilla's and more not shown in this photo. No one left hungry.
Meet Joel, our bar tender. Actually Joel did many things there at the house, Villa Paraiso I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up. Day 1 began early, before daylight early -arriving at the airport. After making it to Houston we flew into ZLO (Manzanillo). The airport is about 35 miles north of the city of Manzanillo on highway 200. We were met by our guide/driver Antonio. He transported 7 of us to the Villa, where we met th…

Kicking off our travels to Mexico

Kicking off our recent trip to Mexico this OSU Guy at the airport. Several in our group were having a Bloody Mary here in the bar prior to departure for a week in Mexico. This was an away Sat Game Day, when Ohio State played Minnesota in Minnesota. I assume this guy was traveling to the game. I asked if I could a picture and he was gracious enough to wait while I did so.

Follow along each day for information, pictures and participate in the fun from my travels to Mexico. This kicks off the series which will start tomorrow, Monday the 15th

A wordle post for FUN regarding GROUP Travel

Have you heard of a wordle? I hadn't until a few days ago. Kinda fun, sorta artistic. I plugged in the url of this blog and it picked up on the most recent post (scroll back to read about group travel), and bingo here's what you get. It's black and white unless you choice colors. I choose orange because of the current season of fall leaves and so it then choice colors associated with it. Give it a try, it's fun, it's free, it's easy, and it's fast! No much news for you today regarding travel, but thought you might enjoy some fun. Pop back tomorrow for Friday Fun with Flat Stanley

Group Travel

Group travel has both pluses and minuses. You need to actually think about it before you sign on to a group travel excursions.

Are you a scheduled person? If so, group travel can make you nuts. It's hard to get multiple people ready to go at a specific time and to agree when and where to go.

Are you flexible? If you're flexible group travel may be a breeze for you. If you have one thing in mind and do the opposite you need to ask yourself ahead of time if that will be ok with you. Will it disrupt you and cause you irritation?

Are the folks you plan to travel with like minded? Do they like to do the same sort of things? If not, you could have a problem. If group 1 is active and wants to get up early to exercise; and group 2 wants to sleep in, get up leisurely and take the day as it comes without things being pre-arranged or scheduled. You might have conflicts. Will the early birds be quiet, are they content to do their own thing and leave you be?

Group Travel can save y…

Securing your House when you Travel

While you travel, be it for business or pleasure you don't want to have worries about your house/apt. or condo while you're away. Take a few precautions to safe guard your home. Naturally everyone thinks to close the windows, and lock the doors; but there's more to be done. Always let one or two people in family and in your neighborhood know when and where you're traveling so they can keep an eye on the house.

Always stop the mail and the newspapers. Door hangers are more difficult to stop, so do have a neighbor check the house. Nothing sends more of a signal you're not home then to have a pile of mail, newspapers, and or door hangers advertising that fact by being piled up in your absence. You can stop you mail easily by doing it on line.

Have several automatic lights set to go off and on while you're away in various parts of the house. Set those times to match your normal routine. If you typically go to bed around 11, leaving lights on in the middle of …

Versatile Blogger Award

A nice blogger and friend, June Zach over on A Fledgling Bloggerrecently gave me “The Versatile Blogger Award“.I never expected to be a recipient of this cool award. Thank you very much! -The Rules:
* Be sure to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. (check)
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Pass the award to other bloggers who you think deserves it.(working on it this wkend)
* Be sure to let the bloggers know you chose them to receive the award.7 Things about Me1. I like quiet surroundings, rarely turn on the radio when in the car, even on a long trip.2. I wish I were more techy with things on the computer, but strive continuously to learn new things.3. I hate all the nasty things that come about during election times. People are so dishonest about their opponents it's troublesome4. I no longer enjoy fall as I did when I was younger, thinking about the cold and snow and what follows causes me to want summer all year long.5. I had a small speech problem whe…

Laundry, Prepping for Travel

Laundry, something we all do all the time. Something you can't get away from no matter how hard you try. It's like the EverReady Bunny, it's just keep going and going. lol

You do laundry all 4 seasons of the year, you do it before after and sometimes during your travels. So, what's so important we need to talk about it here in this post? Laundry is a part of prepping for your travels. Make you life easy, make less work. As you do your laundry a week before departing for an adventure; set aside items you plan to pack and don't wear them. Lay them out on an extra bed (cover them if you have fur babies in the house that won't leave them alone). In the course of a normal week most of us do laundry multiple times. If you do this with all your laundry for the week, you'll have very little you actually need to get out of the closet or draws to get ready to pack. AND best of all, you won't have to do a last minute laundry because something you want i…

Carry on Bags for Traveling

You give thought when you pack suitcases and duffel bags for plane or car travel; but do you give the same thought to your all important carry on bag? Do you pack a carry on bag even if you're traveling by car? I do, and consider it a must for pleasant, organized, and efficient travel. What will you need at finger tips? How heavy will it be (more important if you're packing for a carry on for plane travel), will it go through security safely?

The items I put in my carry bag regardless of whether I'm traveling by car or traveling by plane are:
My Camera
A water bottle
My yarn

If I'm traveling by plane I add a pair of footies, and sometimes a book.

I have lots of canvas bags and use them constantly; but for carry on they must have a zipper and an extra pocket. The extra pocket is where I put my boarding pass, and my footies. I like the little footies for standing and walking through the security line. Not about to walk on that floor or carpet where thousands of pe…

Getting the most out of your Cell Phone and GPS when Traveling

Cell phones, we all them and use them daily; but they're not much good to you when you travel if you leave home without them being fully charged! How many of you have tried to reach a friend or family member for an urgent purpose while they were on vacation and not been able to reach them. People toss the phone in their pockets and purses without checking to make sure it is FULLY charged. Yes, I know most of us don't need to charge the phone daily; you might not reach your destination as planned (due to unforeseen delays) in order to plug in. You might reach your destination during a storm and electrical outage. No electric leaves you no ability to plug in and recharge.
Fully charge your cell phone and your bluetooth before you leave homeIf traveling by car, use your bluetooth it's far safer than reaching for your cell phonePack your charger for both your cell phone and your bluetooth in your carry on bag if you're traveling by plane. That way, if you're dela…

Flat Stanley & Flat Joe at a Leathers Playground

Silly Stanley, he and Flat Joe missed Friday Fun with Flat Stanley yesterday. They apparently were too busy having a good time to come and post and tell you all about it. Here they both are at Wickliffe Elementary Playground in Upper Arlington, Ohio. This is a very special playground you see. It was built in 1989-1990 as a community build. Everyone got in the act. First all the school kids told Leathers People what they wanted in their playground. The kids talked, drew pictures, and made models. Then a plan was drawn up by by The Leathers Team and presented to the parents along with the price tag. Fund-raising ensued and for a week everyone came together, students, teachers, parents, and neighbors in the community to building this fabulous playground. Everyone was involved in some manner. Some took care of tools, some carried work equipment to and from, others prepared food and drink to keep us workers going hour after hour, others babysat so parents could pound nails Foll…